From the Captain

Players, managers, and Clubs,

Welcome to the new improved SEQDGA website, if I can navigate through this website you don’t need your 15-year-old to help. Big thanks to Peter Shaw for all his patience and hard work.
While you’re here, please take a min to explore the Seqdga website. If you have any Qs don’t hesitate to ask anyone else but me. LOL 🤔
2022 Pennants Season.
Before the start of the season we had some minor draw/schedule issues, to the captains involved credit, they overcame the issues and soldiered on, we will endeavor to streamline next year, and I apologize for any inconvenience.
Team lists for matches
Captains this year Seqdga made it very clear that there will be no leeway for not entering your team before 8 pm Friday preceding the match.
Unfortunately, two teams were stung with penalties in the first week of Pennants.
This is just a friendly reminder, to be eligible to play Seqdga Pennants, the player must hold a category of membership that entitles the player to weekend playing rights at their club.
This is the case for all Divisions.
With the COVID pandemic still invading our society, please be aware of and adhere to the host Clubs’ rules for dealing with covid and as Captains please make sure your players practice good covid etiquette.
If at any stage during the Pennant season you have an outbreak of covid through your team please contact me or Simon and together we will deal with the situation.
Upcoming Seqdga Events
Seqdga 4ball
Host- River Lakes
Date- Sunday, June 26
Two tee start at 7 am
Seqdga 4somes
Host- Redland Bay
Date- Sunday, July 31
Two Tee start at 7 am
Seqdga Open/Seniors Champs
Host- Mt Warren
Date- Sunday, August 28
Two Tee start at 7 am
You can register for all these events on the website.
District Representative events will be in Late September and late November.
Hope you look forward to my next scribble.